The Faith Part

You may be wondering how I came up with "Food, Fears and Faith" as my blog name.  It's been obvious so far that the "Food" part is my journey to conquer my obesity issue once and for all.  I figured that by blogging I would
1. Be "out there" for all to see, giving me incentive to stick with it, 2. Have an outlet to vent the difficult times and rejoice in the successes, and
3. Encourage anyone out there who may be going through the same struggles.

The "Fears" part, you may have figured out, is because letting go of food as comfort causes me to have to face ALL KINDS of fears in my life...fear of failure, fear of being hungry, fear of facing my addictive food "demons".

I included the "Faith" part because, along with the food and fear issues, I'm also going through a mid-life crisis in my faith.  I'm questioning ideas and theologies and practices that have been part of my life since birth, but that  I never really "chose"....just accepted, because everyone around me did.  Over the past few years, this has been a violent storm within me.  So much is just incredibly hard to explain, so I'll save that for when I have more time.  But I will be throwing in some of my musings in that area, and welcome feedback.

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