My name is Andrea. I'm 46 years old, and I've battled obesity all my life.  For a few years in my late 20's I had "conquered" it and was living a very fit and healthy lifestyle.  But getting married, and having children sent me backwards.  It's been 2 steps forward and 3 steps back ever since.  About a year ago, after failing at Weight Watchers, a hospital weight loss clinic, Nutrisystem, Atkins, and a few others, I just gave up.  I had such a hard time saying no to food.  Even though I loved to exercise, time and injuries and the weight itself kept me from being able to do enough to make a difference.  I had spent SO MUCH MONEY trying to lose weight.  So I just lived life for a year.  But I hated how I looked and just could not accept it.  So when I was given the opportunity to talk with a Coach for Take Shape for Life (Medifast products), I decided I had nothing to lose.  I laid it all out there....can you help me?  She was so confident and so convincing with her clients' before and after pictures that I decided I would give this one last ditch effort. 

First I had to overcome my fears.  Fear of failing.  Fear of being hungry.  Fear of health problems because it was such a drastic cut in calories.  Fear of the commitment of SIX MONTHS without my addictive foods.  To do this required two things. First, I talked with my family and told them I could not prepare food for them for at least the first month.  My kids are 18 and 11, so with my husband's help they really don't NEED me to be involved in their meals.  I needed to be separated from my addictions as much as possible.  Second, I posted on social media to my closest friends and asked for support.  I was specific, and I was humble.  With the flood of support this brought, I jumped into the Medifast program head first. 
It's only been six days, but I've lost 9 pounds.  Tomorrow morning is my one-week weigh-in. 

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