Saturday, July 18, 2015


Sitting here in my office on a very dreary Saturday, as it thunders and rains outside.  My last day with my youngest away at camp, so maybe that to-do list can wait until to-morrow! I think I need the time to catch up here.  I'm still learning how to follow other's blogs, and so enjoyed my friend DJ's stitching blogs!  I do not share the talent, but I certainly appreciate it! I so appreciate all those who follow me and encourage me. I'll look you all up eventually!

An update on my FOOD blogging:  Still on the journey.  Still failing and re-starting almost daily.  But I don't quit.  No victories to report, but I know they will come.  I'm truly trying to jump-start the FAITH part, because I know that will help me deal with the other issues.  I haven't said much about the FEARS part lately, either.  It's day by day.  My diagnosed anxiety is well controlled with mild medication, but I do "feel" it now and then.  The fears that cause me the most difficulty are the fear of failing at my health goals, the fear of being misunderstood by others, the fear of making mistakes as a wife and parent, and the fear of losing my faith all together in the search for truth.  For me, all three are woven together, hence, my blog name. 

In my mind today, they are all volleying for position!  That's why my thoughts seem all over the place.  Writing sometimes is the only way I can sort things out. 

Health goals:  Get my sugar-addiction under control through abstinence, continue fitting exercise in but regaining a focus on strength training, AND...

Battle plan for fears:  Return to my daily deep breathing/mental focusing (mindfulness?), AND.....

Faith Fitness:  Begin again to read SOMETHING from the Bible daily and pray, giving God a chance to speak to me through that venue.  Yet still search other venues, such as books, articles.


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