Monday, November 10, 2014

Weeks 32 and 33

As I predicted, I didn't stay in "One-derland" for long.  Week 32 was up a bit (1.8 pounds), but Week 33 I was back down (2.8).  So my total now is 66 pounds!  I'm in the 100's and determined to stay there!!
Also, this past weekend was Ladies Retreat for my church.  I go every year and I so enjoy the time with my friends/"family" there!  Of course, the food is amazing, and the game room is filled with snacks.  Inevitably someone...or several "someones"....brings leftover Halloween candy.  Just when I think the candy temptation has passed, I'm faced with it again!!  HOWEVER, so many of my friends there have followed my journey and are so encouraging and supportive, that it was EASY to stick to my program!  I brought popcorn for my contribution to snacks, and that's what I ate, along with almonds that I keep in my purse for such occasions.  My new habit with events like this is to sit with my back to the snack tables/buffets and focus on conversation.  I also allow myself Diet Coke more in those situations to "keep my mouth busy".  I did allow myself a few bites here and there of the infamous food at that retreat center, but it was just bites.  I took my scale so I could weigh in on my usual day (Saturday). (Love my portable scale!). 

I am now contemplating the maintenance part of this journey!  I'm not far off.  I think I want to lose about 15 pounds more and then transition off the Medifast foods.  Learning to eat real foods and control my compulsive tendencies is going to be the VERY MOST IMPORTANT part of this whole journey.  If I can't KEEP it off, it was a lot of trouble for nothing! 

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