Saturday, November 22, 2014


Somehow I managed to lose another 1.2 pounds this week!  My total is 68.4.  I'm thrilled with that. I've changed things up a bit.  I was not able to keep the "will power momentum" up (hate that phrase but that's for another time), and I have been stressing out over the try/fail lifestyle, and the crazy fluctuations when I eat sugar or do cardio, even if my calories in are less than my calories out.  It's been a long 8 months, and I'm ready for change.  So I have been gradually adding in all the food groups (faster than Dr. A's book recommends, though).  As of today I'm leveling off for a while at eating 3 Medifast meals a day and then eating healthy foods the rest of the day, not to exceed 2000 calories.  I've increased my exercise, mostly strength training but also cardio.  I'm aiming for 3-5 veg a day and lean proteins, not to exceed 10oz. a day.  I've only had small bites of fruit so far, but will add them in this week not to exceed two servings.  I will allow breads here an there, but will not make them part of my regular plan for a while.  Starches (potatoes, rice, pasta) will be only occasional. 
I'd still like to lose 15 pounds, but I'm fine with it being slow. 
My Holiday goal is to lose another pound (to reach 195), and maintain that until Jan. 1.  Then back to trying to lose.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Another week down, another 1.2 pounds down!  I'm really quite surprised because it's harder and harder to stay on track these days.  Evenings have become very difficult.  My old habits linger near the surface.  They are the reason I got so big to begin with.  I have to fight daily to not use food as a comfort/relaxation/celebration tool.  Especially now that winter is creeping in.  No more walks after dinner. (I guess I may have to face my dislike of the dark and cold and do them anyway.) Harder to get up and do a little exercise in the morning.  I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder....I just want to curl up in a warm spot and read or watch TV, and my motivation for all of life diminishes.  So I have to remind myself daily that this is not what will make me feel better.  Get up and get moving!

So, I'm proud that I fought it enough to lose another pound this week, and I'm staying below 200!  I don't EVER want to see that number again!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weeks 32 and 33

As I predicted, I didn't stay in "One-derland" for long.  Week 32 was up a bit (1.8 pounds), but Week 33 I was back down (2.8).  So my total now is 66 pounds!  I'm in the 100's and determined to stay there!!
Also, this past weekend was Ladies Retreat for my church.  I go every year and I so enjoy the time with my friends/"family" there!  Of course, the food is amazing, and the game room is filled with snacks.  Inevitably someone...or several "someones"....brings leftover Halloween candy.  Just when I think the candy temptation has passed, I'm faced with it again!!  HOWEVER, so many of my friends there have followed my journey and are so encouraging and supportive, that it was EASY to stick to my program!  I brought popcorn for my contribution to snacks, and that's what I ate, along with almonds that I keep in my purse for such occasions.  My new habit with events like this is to sit with my back to the snack tables/buffets and focus on conversation.  I also allow myself Diet Coke more in those situations to "keep my mouth busy".  I did allow myself a few bites here and there of the infamous food at that retreat center, but it was just bites.  I took my scale so I could weigh in on my usual day (Saturday). (Love my portable scale!). 

I am now contemplating the maintenance part of this journey!  I'm not far off.  I think I want to lose about 15 pounds more and then transition off the Medifast foods.  Learning to eat real foods and control my compulsive tendencies is going to be the VERY MOST IMPORTANT part of this whole journey.  If I can't KEEP it off, it was a lot of trouble for nothing!