Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week 28-restoring balance

Wow, last week was an emotional one, with the scale going up so much.  Fortunately, it was quite a bit of fluctuation and not actual weight gain, because several pounds have already melted off.  When I left for our biking trip last week I was about 208.  I lost a pound and a half right away, then it went back up to 209, all in just a few days. When we got home I was 211, and the next day I was 213.  And that was with reduced calories (but not adhering to Medifast diet) and increased exercise.  However, by getting back to the program, even though it's not 100% yet, and REDUCING my cardio, I have come back down to 208.2.  What a ride.  Some roller coasters are just not fun.
This has totally messed up my 6 week Meltdown Challenge that I joined with my coach.  I would have to be perfect on my program now in order to avoid being disqualified.  But I'm not striving for the past it just sets me up for failure, which is usually followed by a binge on junk!  Instead, I've relaxed my expectations and am trying to lose just 1/2 pound a week.  Forget the challenge...just keep the scale going down.  I don't work well under pressure. 
And so goes another week. I'm determined to get to the 100's...I'm so close!!

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