Saturday, October 25, 2014


Did I just make it to "ONE-derland"??  I did!  Today I weighed in at 199.8.  Now, not to be a buzz-kill, but I don't expect it to stay that way the next two days, but I know it will "come back".  You see, last night I enjoyed a fun evening with my family, celebrating my daughter's 12th birthday, at Medieval Times.  It's a dinner theater experience using live horses and skilled performers who act out a fairy-tale type story of a King, a Princess, and Knights of the Realm.  (Enough of the ad-go some time-really cool!) The dinner is FANTASTIC!!  Each person gets 1/2 a chicken and other delectable items (all served without silverware because it's Medieval Times - duh! -).  So, I ate off the Medifast program a bit.  I took the skin off the chicken, but I ate it all! (hangs head in shame) I also ate 1/2 baked potato, about 3/4 cup tomato bisque, two bites of garlic bread, and two bites of apple tart. 
I fully expect to pay the price on the scale by tomorrow.  But life happens, and it wasn't a "fail" for was allowing a treat.  Now, I wish I had only eaten a little of the chicken and brought the rest home, but I didn't, so we just go on.
So the stats are as follows:  Week 31, down 3.2 pounds for a total loss of 65 pounds.

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