Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 27-Increased activity means increased weight??Really???

I've been away this past week so I'm late in posting.  For week 27 I gained .4 pounds.  I really don't know how.  I've been trying so hard with this 6 week challenge that I'm on with my coach.  I refocused and really got my head back in the game.  The one change I've made is that I'm sick of being sedentary.  I want to get my activity level back up and build some muscle.  So I've started increasing my walking and adding some hand weights/upper body.  So sure, maybe that little .4 pound gain is muscle mass. Maybe it's a fluke.  My experience in this "game" tells me it will come right back down.

But not this week, I'm afraid.  Here's how it's been.
Clay and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We are both trying to lose weight and get fit, so we planned a trip that included lots of activity and very little temptation.  We went camping, staying in a rustic cabin at a campground in the mountains near the C & O canal bike trail.  We biked between 6-15 miles each day, and took at least one walk or hike a day.  One hike was really long and strenuous.  We also had to walk a long ways to the bathroom (and when one drinks as much water as I do, that's a lot of walking in a day).  We also decided to keep to our diets on this trip.  We are both using meal replacements (I'm using Medifast, he's using Special K Protein bars), and then eating one healthy meal a day....we go by Medifast's Lean/Green standards, but I increase his calories a little because he doesn't have as much to lose/he's male, etc.  Now, I realize that with so much activity...hours a day...I needed to increase my calories a bit too, so I added almonds and peanuts and an extra Medifast bar each day.  I also allowed myself two servings of fruit a day over 3 days time (fruit is not allowed on Medifast because of the sugars).  My reason for this was because of the hair loss I've experienced.  I know it messes with the Medifast program/balance, but I was getting concerned about my nutrition and frankly didn't want my hair to keep falling out (I also have increased vitamins).  So bottom line, I burned way more than I consumed this past week.  We did eat our Lean/Green in restaurants a few times, and I had a few bites of soup once, and a few bites of Fried Green Tomatoes once, and a Pepperidge farm 100 calorie thin bun (7 grain) with my Turkey burger at camp one night. 
So, extra activity, healthy eating/calories watched closely, water consumed.  I took my scale along and weighed every morning.  (Sharing numbers is necessary here). Clay's weight went down daily.  Mine went up daily.  Factor in a little "female fluctuation", but I still don't get how it kept going up...a total of 2 pounds for the week.  Week 26 I was 207.6.  When I left for our trip on Wednesday I was 208 (assuming female flux).  Friday morning I was down to 206.4.  Then Saturday, my usual weigh-in day, I was up to 208.  Then Sunday I was 209.  And today, Monday, I'm 211.  I do NOT get this.  I can't tell you how frustrated I am right now!  This is beyond fluctuation.  It can't be water weight/female stuff anymore.  I doubt I built that much muscle in a couple weeks of increased activity.  I just don't get it.  I'm so discouraged.  I was SO HUNGRY all week...Clay even said one night my stomach growled all night!
In the past, small gains have come right back off. I want to encourage myself with this. But this is the largest gain I've had and it is frightening.  I'm trying so hard and sacrificing so much. 

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