Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weeks 22 and 23.

It's getting a little boring posting weekly because the weight loss is now much slower.  It appears I completely forgot to post it last week!  So here it is....Week 22/Day 154 down 3.3 pounds (making up for the previous week), and today, Week 23/Day 161 down 1.7 pounds for a total of 54.6.

It's been another tricky week with being out of town Saturday through Monday.  My old self is still there, and slowly weakening the "new" me.  When I have to be around food/temptation constantly it gets me so frustrated.  I struggle to avoid it, my head tells me I deserve it and that I can have just a taste.  Justify, justify, justify.  Often I'm successful all day in those situations, only to get home and start eating everything in sight.  My eating issues are so emotional!  And my hunger issues just make it worse.  I'm still hungry when I do this diet correctly.  Of course, now that I keep doing little cheats every week I mess up the "metabolism magic" so that it takes a week to get back on track again.  If I never cheated, maybe I wouldn't be hungry?  Who knows. 
My coach suggested taking out artificial sweeteners because they can confuse our brain into thinking we're getting sugar when we're not, and then our body wonders where it is, so it responds with hunger and cravings.  So I tried it, but with already feeling so deprived and struggling to do this "right", restricting more just made me crazier.  Losing the flavor of my beverages made everything so much blander...something I couldn't take.

Bottom line, I AM  still losing, miraculously.  And I keep getting back up when I fall. 

To those just starting this journey, please keep going.  IT IS HARD.  But it will work.  At the beginning I had to change my environment and mindset drastically in order to be able to take this on.  Do what you have to.  The first two months are crucial.  And talk to your coach!  Even when you feel guilty/ashamed, your coach will help, I promise!

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