Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week 21/Day 147

I'm on a plateau, it seems.  I only lost .6 this week.  I weighed almost every day again (because I'm obsessed).  It was a lot lower a few days ago. My calories have decreased, as has my sodium.  I'm hungry a lot, but my weight has gone up overall in the past two weeks.  I'm currently removing artificial sweeteners from my diet.  THAT is killing me!  Coach says they make me crave/hungry/gain.  I'm trying to see if kicking them helps, but I miss flavor!! (And I don't like lemon in my water)
This means no Diet Coke, so I lose my caffeine source (don't like coffee/cold tea). 
Heading to beach for two days.  Have to stay strict with diet and no flavored beverages.  My attitude is not very good right now! 

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