Saturday, August 9, 2014

Paying the penalty

Taking a "break" from the strict 5 and 1 of the Medifast program (5 medifast meals and 1 lean and green meal each day) always bring weight gain.  This week I wanted to relax a little because I had finally hit the 50 pound mark and we were going to be going away for a few days (mini vacation).  I started my "break" by allowing myself a soft pretzel from Auntie Anne's.  Big carbs there, and sodium, and fat (butter).  This type of thing (even on a much smaller scale) always results in a weight gain for a couple days, but then comes right back off.  I was willing to accept that for a little "normalcy".  The next few days I simply increased my "lean and green" (a few more oz. of lean meat and extra veggies), and allowed myself a piece of cheese here and there.  I actually did just fine at the amusement park and museum and hotel.  My issues were on the long ride home in the car.  I was out of Medifast snacks and so tired of restrictions, and just plain hungry.  I went into a convenience store in search of snacks for the family and the best I found for myself was peanuts.  And I ate quite a few of them. 

Now, I had decided not to weigh myself for a whole week (I've been weighing every day or two).  But after those four days off I was getting nervous.  So I weighed in and found I had gained 3 1/2 pounds.  About what I thought. So I got right back on the program, but found myself hungrier than usual.  Now, on Medifast, after the first few days one is not supposed to feel hungry.  I always have.  For some reason, I just struggle with this.  There have been some days that I really don't experience hunger, but not often.  But going off program and then starting up again is probably the reason for the extreme hunger the next couple of days.  I ate an extra Medifast each day and increased veg and protein a little. 

I weighed in today and the scale is creeping back down slowly.  I'm still 1.6 pounds heavier than last week. 

I've been dieting for so long, counting calories most of my life, etc.  When I "do the math" that SHOULD work, it's frustrating.  The total calories that I consumed each day on that 4 day "break" should not have resulted in weight gain.  I should have maintained.  But something about the Medifast way (metabolism, super low sugar/carb) makes my body work differently.  Eating carbs causes these spikes.  I knew this, and I accept the fact that when I do reach goal, there is a long "weaning" period to get me back onto "real" foods.  The huge, fast weight loss is my reward! 

So, it's been a little frustrating this week, but not anything more than what I expected.  I felt I really needed a break.  Sometimes life happens. 

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