Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Light in the Dark! (more on Faith)

A good friend of mine suggested a book to me after she read my blog.  The book, CONVICTIONS: How I Learned What Matters Most, by Marcus J. Borg, has been a great help to me!  Borg deals with many of the questions that I have had concerning inerrancy of the Bible.  As I've mentioned before, I SO BADLY want the faith I once had, but life and education and scientific discovery left me having to choose between intellect and faith.  How could I deny intellectual findings?  Just the concept of "God's wisdom is greater than our foolishness" wasn't cutting it for me.  Yet I couldn't deny the fact that I felt a true Spirit within me, Someone who has comforted me and given me peace for years.   
I could restate Borg, and Rob Bell, and other authors, but instead I just suggest that you read for yourself!  They deal with these questions/concepts much better than I ever could. 
Bottom line, I finally feel like I can sincerely worship God and cherish the Bible as truth again, without holding to Biblical inerrancy.  What a load off my heart and spirit!


  1. I like the bottom line. :) Especially that a load has been lifted.

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