Friday, July 18, 2014

Weeks 15-16

Again I blame my busy summer for not posting regularly! Things have been pretty steady, meaning I have had the same ups and downs with traveling/events, etc., which bring temptations.  But the scale continues to creep downward, so I'm happy. 
Week 15 I lost another two pounds, and week 16 another 1.4 (and yes, those points me a lot to me!). That made my total  44.4 pounds!  Tomorrow is my next weigh.

I am so much happier these days, and for the most part I'm more energetic.  I'm not ashamed of how I look, and sometimes I'm proud of my appearance.  I see my old habits and justifications slipping back now and then.  Sometimes when I have cheated but still lose weight I think "well, I got away with it last week!".  I need to stay more focused on my new positive habits.  I'm currently reading Dr. A's Habits of Health.  Excellent read and very practical motivation.

I'd love to hear comments from any other Medifast users, or answer questions from those of you who are curious about the program.  Let me restate that I had hit bottom more than once and had failed at weight loss over and over and over.  This program was what made the difference for me.  I thought I was hopeless, but it gave me hope...and quickly!  And the success is what drives me to continue to goal (which, by the way, is to lose 100 pounds).

Thanks for your views and comments!


  1. I'm so proud of you Andi!! You are an inspiration!! You can and should be proud of yourself!!