Tuesday, July 29, 2014


As of this morning I have made it to exactly 50 pounds lost since March 22nd!  I honestly can't believe I have stuck with it this long.  And I'm not ready to quit, although I have to admit I'm only giving it about 85% at this point in the game. Life really gets in the way, temptations abound, and adrenaline runs low!  But I'm chugging along, correcting mistakes as I go.  My coach asked me to consider BEING a coach.  My gut response was "No Way!" I'm not good enough! I fail too much and I still have so far to go myself.  But as I've thought about it I realize it's not doing it perfectly that makes a good coach....it's picking myself up every time I fall.  And that I've done.  I've got scraped knees (or more accurately, chocolate on my chin) to prove it!!
But I won't be coaching any time soon.  I'm juggling far too many things in life right now.  But it's not out of the question. 
All of you who have read my blog, encouraged me, and shared advice have been my backbone.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting me!
I have decided to celebrate with a hair cut and color in the near future.  I'll post pics.

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