Monday, June 2, 2014

Week Ten: A Roller Coaster of Events

Week ten has been a roller coaster of events!! My son graduated from high school on Tuesday, my husband's grandmother passed away at age 99 and we attended her funeral on Thursday, and my daughter was promoted from 5th grade to 6th grade in a ceremony on Thursday evening.  (All events involved food). All other days this past week, especially Friday, were spent preparing for a big graduation party for my son.  The party was Saturday, here at home, and I made food for over 50 people (although not quite that many actually came).  The menu included a few of my son's favorites, along with  general finger foods and a cake. 
So how did I manage to stick to my Medifast program?  Um. Well. I didn't.  Oh, I tried all week, and did quite well most days.  But I was not able to control my environment or my schedule, so my first difficulty was eating on time.  And, of course, all week there were SERIOUS temptations.  Friday proved the worst, as I made my son's favorite...and MY favorite...Broccoli Casserole!  By evening I had taste-tested several things, all really bad for the program.  Saturday morning I weighed in to a weight gain.  Sat. I started out great on my program, but forgot to eat again because I was so busy in the kitchen.  Finally I just made a plate of "real" food and sat down with guests for a break.  That led to just abandoning the program for the day.  Sodium was a huge factor in my eating, so I knew to expect another weight gain.  Sunday, however, I was back to the regiment! 
THE NUMBERS:  So, Saturday morning showed a weight gain for the week of 3.2 pounds. That went up again on Sunday by another pound.  Today, however (Monday), I'm back down 2.  So I anticipate a "full recovery" by next weigh-in (Saturday).  I have more events coming up, but none that I have to cook for, and I believe the rest will be much less tempting and easier to deal with.  Wish me luck!  (I'm not jumping ship by any means!)

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  1. Just a small "bump" in the road. With so many emotions to deal with, I think you did GREAT!! One step at a time is a great approach! *Hugs*