Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 12

I'm a little delayed in posting my 12 week totals. I went away for the weekend with friends.  But I took my portable scale and weighed in on time (Sat. morning, June 14).  I lost 2 pounds this past week, for a total of 38.6.  I'm very happy with that.

This weekend, as I traveled with friends, I discovered that it is possible to stay on track with my program even while least for 3 days!  We ate in restaurants a total of 5 times.  My plan was to ask the cooks to prepare my meal specially, but I chickened out.  I chose a menu item and just had them remove what I couldn't have.  So I ate a grilled Chicken Salad 3 times!!  They were all bigger than what I needed, but I just didn't finish them, and I was careful with the dressing.  But another meal that worked for me was a garden omelet made with egg beaters.  It was already on the menu.  What I didn't do, but hopefully will be bold enough to try soon, is ask for the chicken/eggs to be cooked without oil.  But for this "vacation" experience, I just took it as prepared. 

I also enlisted the girls I was traveling with to be aware of my situation, and help me to remember to eat on time (every 2-3 hours).  However, that was no problem for them since I kept saying "I'm hungry!".  I know I shouldn't still be hungry on this program, but I still have days that I am.  It's good to be hungry at meal time, but I often feel hunger about 20min. after a meal.  I've been told it  is digestion, but it sure feels like I'm hungry!  But I drank water (and a few Diet Cokes :), and kept myself distracted. 

We visited Hershey, PA, so while at Chocolate World I did allow myself two dark chocolate Hershey's miniatures after the ride.  At another point I also had a mini milk chocolate. 

Glad to be home where eating right is easier, but glad I didn't pass up the opportunity just because of my program.

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