Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week 11

This past week was nerve-wracking, after all the events and the weight gain from last week.  I had a couple minor slips.  But the Medifast system works, because I had a 7 pound loss this week!  So my 3 pound gain from last week was recovered, plus another 4. A friend of mine once suggested I look at weight loss in terms of sticks of butter...each pound is 4 sticks.  So even if I only lose 1/2 pound I can still imagine it as two less "sticks" of fat on my body!  So, to date I have lost 146 sticks of butter!

Some facts I have been very aware of this week:  1.Drinking water is key!  Not sure all the science behind it, but it makes a difference.  I chose to weigh in every day this week and I could see a loss when I drank plenty of water the day before, but if I didn't have enough water and consumed more sodium than usual, I stayed the same.
2. Not every bite "off program" will ruin my progress...but high sodium and breads are the biggest culprits in those unexpected weight gains. Bread=bad news for Medifast users. 
3. When I justify going off program, I have to deal with the gain and then just get right back on track.  But I know if I justify too much, I may not get back on one day.  So I will be very cautious in what I decide is an "OK" time to splurge.  Life happens, but I can control more of it than I think, I think! :)

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