Saturday, May 3, 2014


This will be a "combo-theme" entry!  First, I weighed in this morning.  Weight loss total for week six is 1.6 pounds, for a total of 24.6.  I was pretty upset at first, because I checked my weight on Wed. and it was 1.2 pounds LESS than that.  So I was expecting a much better number.  And I still think that, despite what the Take Shape For Life/Medifast program says about losing 1-2 pounds per week, at my size, with the restrictions I'm on, I think I should be losing more.  I vented in an email to my coach, and then just went on with my day.  The body will do what it will do.  I can tweak, but that's about it.  Hoping for a big week next week.

So now we will talk about how I handled the Ladies Brunch at church this morning.  I didn't want to just avoid another food oriented gathering because, let's face it, that would mean I would have to avoid most social gatherings.  And I needed to get out with friends.  So to plan ahead I made an egg white omelet with spinach and salsa and a Medifast brownie.  I took them along, and warmed the eggs in the microwave there when I arrived.  I chose a table as far from the buffet as possible and faced myself away from the food.  I ate slowly and concentrated on conversation the whole time.  While the speaker was speaking, I slowly ate my brownie and sipped my diet coke.  At one point someone came around with a tray of goodies.  Because the person I was talking to knows what I'm dealing with, it was easy to decline and continue talking.  What was truly awesome was that my friend declined too...she didn't have to do that, but it sure made it easier for me!!  That's a friend. 

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