Saturday, May 17, 2014


Down another 3.8 pounds this week! Much more than I expected because I faltered a few times.  My total to date is 31.2 pounds.  I got some "new" clothes last weekend, which always feels awesome.  And the fact that I paid very little for them is even better. A generous friend was sending a bunch of clothes to consignment and let me have first pick.  Some items I bought at YARD SALE prices were high-end and still had tags on them! 

I'm feeling pretty good.  Turning over in bed (I have back pain when I'm lying down) is so much easier/less painful.  My light-headedness has subsided, though still not completely gone.  (Just when I get up from sitting on the floor, etc.). I have the energy I need.  Emotionally I'm still a mess....this is a roller coaster ride.  Learning new ways to handle stress and frustration rather than eating is a skill I'm VERY slow to develop.  I sometimes justify "cheats", and then feel the guilt later.  Temptation when I'm around food is still pretty bad (some days better than others).  I have been told of a lot of ways to fight the temptation, but I don't always remember to do them (STOP/CHALLENGE/CHOOSE is what TSFL folks tell me.  I remember a friend telling my child once "Stop/Breathe/Think). 

My next milestone will be the 60 day/two month mark.  I'll do measurements then (May 20 or May 22). 

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  1. Sorry it's been so long since I in the fast lane lately. I'm so very proud of you!! I know you have down days and days when you doubt and struggle, but every week when the scale is still going down is a GREAT week!! You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for!! Still praying for you!!