Saturday, April 12, 2014


Really rough week.  I continue to weigh myself daily, but the fluctuations are driving me mad.  The first two weeks I only fluctuated morning to evening, but now it's all over the place.  Lesson learned.  So according to this morning's weight, I'm down 1.4 pounds this week.  (Yesterday it was a pound more....again...flux). 
So my grand total for 3 weeks is 14.4 pounds
That really does sound good.  But I guess my depression is hitting me hard this week.  I'm basically detoxing from food addictions and compulsive overeating. This puts my emotions in overdrive. 
So I'm choosing to look at the 14, not the 1.4, and carry on. 
I have to stay away from the kitchen this week...I've gone back to preparing meals for the kids occasionally.  It's too hard.

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