Saturday, April 19, 2014


Wow.  I mean WOW!!  I guess weight fluctuation isn't quite so scary after all, because it appears to have balanced out.  The last week + I was worried, but today's weigh-in....Day 29....drumroll....down 6.4 pounds this week for a grand total of....drumroll..........(longer for more drama).....20.8 pounds!! One month! 
I did measurements again.  Hips were up by 1/2 in, likely due to imperfect measuring skills on my part.  Chest down 1", Waist down 2" and Thigh down 1- 1/2 ".  The jeans I bought a month ago are now too big.  The ones in the bottom of the drawer for "emergencies"....because they were too fit best.  The ones in storage because I couldn't fasten them, now fasten! 
Progress.  Relief. 
Now to my MEDIFAST user friends, be aware that when I started getting really hungry and therefore discouraged, I talked to my coach and she advised adding one Medifast meal a day, and not going longer than 2 hours between meals/snacks.  I honestly think that adding the calories helped, due to my size and the drastic cut in calories this program is from what I used to eat.  I suspect I may have gone into some type of starvation mode?  And my body held onto the fat? Really only speculating, but I have seen a few seasons of Biggest Loser :)!  Either way, this week I averaged 100 calories more each day (IN MEDIFAST PRODUCTS) and lost more.
Now, what do I do with this victory?   It is, after all, Easter weekend!!  All. That. Chocolate!!!!  But honestly, the big weight loss doesn't make me want to go celebrate and eat junk.  (Ok, maybe a little).  I'm more inclined to keep going!  However, I'm realistic, and have decided that maybe tasting a bite of real foods but not having my own servings may be in order for me today.  But I'm pretty sure chocolate/fat/junk will cause I'll stick to tasting the roast beef and potatoes and broccoli casserole.  Maybe a small piece of cheese? 
I'll let you know how all my temptations and musings pan out after the holiday, and how it affects the scale next week. 

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