Sunday, April 13, 2014


It is said that it takes three weeks to build a habit.  I've been on the Medifast program/ Take Shape For Life for 3 weeks and one day.  And I'm in  a groove.  But I've found, to my dismay, that although I'm in the habit of eating my 6 small (no, miniscule!) meals a day, eating slowly, and drinking 80 ounces of water daily, the old eating habits haunt me.  I still think about food a lot, and if I'm around food or even just smelling it, it can be absolutely tortuous.  TV commercials, Facebook posts/ads, even other people talking about food all affect me.  Sometimes it's mild and I can push it aside, but other times it makes me crazy.  The temptation to cheat is CONSTANT. 
PROGRAM IN A NUTSHELL for the sake of understanding this post: 
5 Medifast meals/day (about 100 cal. each), eaten 2-3 hours apart, and one "Lean and Green" meal per day (5-7 oz. of lean protein and 3 servings of veg, and they must be from a list of approved foods).  I can also have up to 3 condiment servings (quite small) and an "optional snack" of sugar free Jell-O, dill pickles, celery, OR an oz. of almonds or pistachios.

I do falter extra serving of calorie-free-but-sodium-high dill pickles, a bite of the noodles I just cooked for my kids, an extra condiment serving to make my bland protein taste better, a cheese ball that fell from Kelly's bowl as she was preparing her tv snack.  Sometimes I am so hungry that when it's time for my "Lean and Green" meal, I give myself an extra serving of veg, or an extra ounce of meat.  Now, on any other diet, if my calories for the day were below 1000 and I "cheated" that way, it would be no big deal!  But for this program I have found that cheating has a bad effect! 

It's hard.  I'm hungry a lot.  I miss food.  I drive myself nuts w/my rationalization. But I have to trust the program.  The support from my friends has been more than I ever expected, and so very helpful!Onward and Upward! Or Downward?? Whatever...

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