Thursday, April 10, 2014


It's been 21 days.  I ate off program on Sunday (Day 15), and then gained a pound a day for three days.  Freaked me out!  Now, when I say I ate off program, it means at an event I ate a grilled chicken sandwich in place of my plain chicken breast.  So the bread and the condiments were all that were off program.  And I did this intentionally, thinking it through, and figuring in the calories (total for that day was 1500 calories...usual program day is just under 1000).  Yes, the Medifast "rules" warn that one piece of bread could mess up your progress.  I took the risk, but thought it would simply slow down the weight loss. Honestly, in doing the math/calories, I really didn't believe it would affect anything.  But because I don't know all the science behind Medifast, I thought it was possible that I might plateau for a couple days.  But gain a pound a day for three days, when I went right back to the program the next day???!!!  That was nuts.  Now, it could be hormones, but who knows.  But on day 19 the scale miraculously went down again. (Yes, I'm weighing daily....if I don't see progress I get discouraged.) And now I've lost the three I gained, plus another 1/2#.  What a roller coaster...and so soon into the game. 

Also, my coach hasn't answered my messages in over a week. I've emailed, FB messaged, called/left message, and texted.  I had some pretty important questions...they were to me anyway.  I finally emailed a nutritionist from the website and 24 hours later got a response on two of the questions.  The rest I'll just give up on.  I guess when you get a "free" coach, you can't expect much.  But now I really want to find someone who will take an interest in me.  I feel very fragile in this effort....each day I feel like I could crumble and give up.  It would help a lot to have someone to share advice/knowledge.  I hate confrontation, though, and don't know how to switch without causing it!

I really want to eat.  I guess it has gotten a bit better overall, but today I want to eat. 

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  1. Well, I can't offer any advice, because I'm not familiar with the program, but I can and do pray for you!! A few days ago you mentioned going off the program for a day here and there, I think this "experiment" answered your question. It's amazing the chemistry in your body, and it seems this diet has the science down pretty well! I'm so proud of you for sticking to this, I'm not sure I could stick to something with so few calories, so I am in awe of you! You are amazing, Andi and I keep checking in to see how things are going. You are always in my prayers. *Hugs*