Sunday, April 6, 2014

Faith: The Fall of Man

My thoughts and questions in the realm of faith are not easy to organize, so today I'm starting at the beginning...The Fall of Man.

According to the Genesis account, God created Man and Woman and placed them in the Garden of Eden, and gave them dominion over all living things.  He gave them one NOT eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  All the trees in the garden they could have their fill of, just not that one. 

Now, we do not have much detail.  The account is only two chapters (less, really).  But what I see is this:
God said "don't eat", and they didn't.  But then God allowed the Serpent (Satan) to tempt deceive her. She didn't know who he was.  The creatures were all created by God and she never had reason to fear or distrust any of them.  The Serpent told her she would NOT die.  That's when she ate.  Then she tempted Adam, and he ate. 
Ok. God said don't. They did.  They should die.  Fair enough.
But what actually happens? 
1. The serpent is cursed.
2. God put enmity between the serpent and woman.
3. Woman will have pain in child birth, and will have to submit to her husband (according to some interpretations).
4. The ground is cursed and Adam must now grow his own food in the cursed ground. ("painful toil")
5. And then, eventually, you will die.
6. Banished from the Garden.
7. And these curses will carry on to all their offspring forever.  One sin curses them all.

Now, that's a lot more than just "you will die".  It's hard labor for a lifetime, followed by death, and continued on to all mankind.

Is this a loving God?  Why did He create Man?  Wasn't it for companionship?  Why would He then continue to create more men if they would be born destined to die? 

And if we jump to the present, according to the Theology I studied (conservative Christian), far more people will spend eternity in Hell than will spend eternity in Heaven.  (Heaven and Hell are topics for another post.....or twelve).  DOESN'T THIS MEAN SATAN WINS??? (For those who are familiar with Rob Bell, I'm not stealing his ideas...I'm echoing them.)

All of this becomes intertwined in other theology, but that's enough for my poor brain for now.  But ONE LAST IMPORTANT COMMENT.  I'm NOT a heretic.  I'm not turning my back on God.  I'm not rebellious.  I'm SEARCHING! These are legitimate questions.  I am active in my church and I'm seeking truth.  I mean NO DISRESPECT.  This is simply my journal of my own confusion.


  1. I agree with Ellen, questions are good! Jesus never rebuked the disciples for asking questions. I think he would rather we consider all the costs and then choose life. In all honesty, Andi, I think it's harder for people who have lived a "good life", making wise choices...I know I feel like the prodigal son's brother a lot of times...a little irritated that the ones who "mess up" get the party, and the ones who "do right" seem to be ignored. Just like, Adam and Eve messed up, but we get the punishment...but it's a good reminder that our actions don't just affect us, it affects generations beyond us, our good choices and our bad ones. I'm rambling, I hope that made sense. Still praying for you as you continue your journey!!

    1. Thanks Deb! Not rambling...I get your meaning!