Monday, April 21, 2014

Eating on Easter

Easter weekend was full of foods and treats in my home.  We had family visit and I truly enjoyed making meals and treats for them.  At first I planned to just eat a few bites of a few of my favorite items.  But in reality, I just felt like eating normally for the day and enjoying myself.  I avoided bread and fatty foods/candy at first.  But later I ended up having some crackers and cheese.  I enjoyed a few servings of my broccoli/cheese casserole.  I was very tempted by the mashed potatoes but decided to make Medifast potatoes for myself instead.  By the end of the day I did have some chocolate.  Now, compared to my past holidays, this was no big deal.  But it certainly was off my current program.  But I went into it knowing that the scale would go up for a couple days because of it, even if I controlled the calories.  That's just how it works on this program.  So, yes, the scale is up 2.4 pounds.  But today I'm back to my program and actually happy about it.  Although the food yesterday was enjoyable, I found it addictive and hard to stop once I got started.  And by late in the afternoon I was feeling quite sluggish.  Even after a nap I wasn't very energetic the rest of the day.  So I was able to see clearly what various foods do to my body.  I honestly had no problem "getting back to business" today.  Because I had the increased calories I felt it was ok to exercise this morning, so I did 22 minutes on the elliptical.  That felt great!! And I just enjoyed some zucchini...not my favorite before Medifast, but I really like it now.  And I feel good.  So next time?  I really don't know.  I have some events coming up.  I've learned that I can avoid the food at events if I am not preparing them. But as the sole preparer this weekend, I just couldn't resist.  I do know that it's best to try to avoid preparing others' foods.  And going off program for more than a day would be a bad idea.  One day at a time.

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