Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rocky Start To Week Two

I was running out of adrenalin as I began week two yesterday.  I was thrilled with my 9.8 pound loss, but I was craving SO MANY FOODS, and just absolutely sick of being hungry.  (yes, I am hungry a lot on this program, but it has gotten better). Of course I wanted to celebrate the loss, too! But I knew it couldn't be with food.  (But I soooooo wanted it to be! To reward myself!)

So here are the facts.  I tried to just rest and enjoy the Saturday, but guilt set in because there was a lot to be done.  So I tried to start a project, but I needed my husbands help and he was busy.  Next project, needed my son and my computer...both busy.  Then I just became incredibly cranky and frustrated!  I couldn't accomplish anything, but sitting around was making me crave food.  My daughter was bored and I was trying desperately to find something for her to do that didn't involve electronic devises!  But it was raining cats and outdoor activities.  So, after a little Mommy Meltdown, I declared that Kelly and I would be going to the Mall to shop for clothes that she needed. 

We ready ourselves for the mall and then I realize....I have to get her lunch there....and I will have to watch. And smell.  What have I just done?  But we go anyway, Medifast snacks in my purse.  Her favorite food court counter was closed...for good.  She doesn't want anything else....(I would've eaten ANYTHING at that point, so I had no sympathy).  She settled on Auntie Anne's pretzel dog.  Oh. Did. That. Smell. Amazing.  Hunger pangs killing a diet coke to share with her...that helped.  My little snack didn't help enough...killed the hunger but didn't TOUCH the temptation.  I asked her for a bite. She questioned me about my diet in a very grown up but respectful way.  I told her I promised it would be one bite and no more and that I would stick to the program the rest of the day.  She conceded.  Best. Morsel. In. The. World. 

After just one week.  And on a "high" day when I started out feeling so successful.  Set back, but not a train wreck. 

The rest of the day was "on program", but filled with food fantasies.  Stayed up much later than usual watching a movie, and the hunger was BAD because it had been 2 hours since my last snack. Went to bed hungry.  (BTW, the movie was Hunger Games! :)

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